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Aurukun Rental Renovation

Aurukun rental renovations are projects that FAF Developments are very experienced at. Our team specialise in remote location work, servicing communities across Cape York Peninsula, with professional building services.

This particular project was for a 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom Aurukun rental property. It was an older building, which required renovation in preparation for a new tenant.

For some contractors the location of Aurukun would create difficulties in regard to access and arranging transport and supply of materials, equipment and labour. FAF Developments have been involved with various Cape York building projects over the years and has established reliable connections to overcome these issues.

In addition, FAF Developments is committed to indigenous partnerships and embrace the opportunity to create training and employment opportunities for local residents in community. On each and every project we participate in across the Cape, we target for 20% indigenous representation in our workforce.

This Aurukun rental renovation project was relatively straight forward. Strip out the existing property and make new. Works completed in conjunction with this Aurukun building project include, but are not limited to:

  • New vinyl flooring
  • New paint, inside & out
  • New lights, light switches & fans
  • New kitchen & cabinetry
  • New wardrobes & doors in the bedrooms
  • New laminex panel to the bathroom walls

Paul Frier, builder / manager at FAF Developments, said the finished result fulfilled the project brief. “The property just needed a total overhaul, which is something we’re very experienced and good at doing,” Paul said.

“We went in and stripped out the flooring, existing kitchen, bedroom and bathroom cabinetry; we gave the interior and exterior walls a clean and paint and then set to work creating a new, functional interior.”

This Aurukun building renovation project took 4 weeks to complete. We’re really happy with the end result and so is our customer.”

FAF Developments is experienced at completing remote building projects, at assorted locations across Cape York. We contract to public and private organisations and individuals. For more information in regard to our Aurkun building services, please contact Paul Frier on 0421 008 753 or email info@fafdevelopments.com.au


ProjectAurukun Rental Renovation
ClientQLD Government: Building & Asset
LocationAurukun, Cape York
TypeBuilding Renovation: 3 bedroom + 1 bathroom