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Palm Cove Deck

During initial conversations with Bob regarding a reinvention of his poolside area he said “it’s a dead space I have no Idea what to do with it”, Bob’s issues included this was a house he’d recently purchased for his family to call home; though the existing swim up bar, wasn’t going to get use ever. So when FAF Developments got involved to discuss what to do with this inappropriate fixture, Paul’s suggestions included using the space below deck as storage to make use of the space beneath the deck, Paul recalls that Bob liked this idea. Here is how FAF Developments rebuilt a more user friendly luxurious space:
The space below the decking became a storage area, cleverly fitted with a trap door
The deck was made with the very attractive, Australian hard wood timber Spotted Gum
The Trap door was fitted with hinges and gas struts, for ease of access and use, even whilst Bob and family may have their hands full they can still access the under storage area
The finished result is that now Bob and his family can enjoy a lounge area that is connected with the pool area, so whilst the kids enjoy the pool Mum and Dad are right there enjoying their new lounge area. Paul said “at FAF Developments that is a highlight for us to create inline with the customer’s desires and innovate and in this this case the customer was very pleased”.
Paul Frier is the builder and manager of FAF Developments, which stands for Frier and Family, if you’d like for Paul to come out and quote any renovations around your home Paul’s mobile is 0421 008 753 or email info@fafdevelopments.com.au.As you glance through the photos of this project note in:

  • Picture one (1) you can see the initial space that was the swim up bar
  • Picture two (2) we see the construction of the new deck and secret trap door underway
  • The third (3rd) picture we see the completed Spotted Gum Deck with a clear varnish which brought out the colours of this native and attractive timber
  • Picture four (4) we see the deck with the azure pool behind, with the thatched grass roof  adding a getaway gazebo vibe
  • Picture five (5) here is a closer look that the secret trap door which has been cleverly hinged and fitted with gas struts which enhances the safety and ease to access the storage area
  • Picture six (6) to make using the storage space easier with consideration of the weight of the trap door was heavy Paul solved this with gas struts to effortlessly lift close the door



ProjectNew Deck Build
ClientBob Brooks
LocationPalm Cove
TypeSpotted Gum Deck With A Secret Trap Door.