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Shed Conversion.

We first built stud walls using structural pine 70×35  MGP 10 H2 treatment timber.  The walls were built in accordance to Au standards and always with clientele in mind.  Electricians and Plumbers did there 1st fixes and the job moved onto the cladding.  We were given a budget to work with and to make this job a reality.  We  used  Fibro Cement sheeting with divisional mouldings for joiners. We saved on walls/ceilings but gained on kitchen as you can see through pics.  The job was painted flat white on the ceiling and magnolia to the walls. Plumbers/Electricians  fitted off.  The windows were lined with MDF and picture framed with splay architrave, the doors were hollow flush doors and again with splay architrave. All architraves/doors and skirtings were all painted gloss white. The bathroom we fitted a shower tray with matching screen and glass hinged door. The vanity was a 900mm cabinet with bench top and mirror.  Laundry was basic with sink/cabinet taps for washing machine and socket.  The job was completed with the laying of vinyl throughout.

ProjectMilstream conversion into liveable dwelling.
ClientKirsty Morgan
Type1 Bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, laundry and living space.